Why the Integrative Wallet project?

Will be simple and useful

Integrative Wallet will be an application to store all your cryptocurrencies and to make payments instantly to other wallets. In addition to having the option of a debit card.

Your money safe

Your wallet will also have special encryption so that your holdings are secure in the application.
And only you can have access.

We have magic

You can integrate all your holdings in one place.
Have them with you wherever you go.

We love minimalism

Customize your interface, Choose what you want to use.

How to contribute?

Myetherwallet Tutorial PDF
Metamask Tutorial PDF
Mist Tutorial PDF
Parity Tutorial PDF

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When does the crowdfunding campaign start?
August 31th, 2017 at 1:00 PM UTC
How to contribute?
Tokens will be distributed to crowdfunding campaign backers, use Ethereum client of choice (Geth, Parity, Mist) or Myetherwallet to send ether to a crowdfunding contract address that will be announced on the day campaign starts. Make sure you keep your private keys for the address you used to send ether to the contract safe and secure, this will be the address that also holds your IWT token balance. Make sure you always have your private key only from any wallet mentioned above.
What is the maximum cap?
The cap is 12,500,000 USD aprox.
What are IWT tokens?
IWT tokens are ERC-20 compatible tokens distributed on the Ethereum blockchain pursuant to a related ERC-20 smart contract (the “IWTokens”).
Would IWT be listed on exchanges?
} Yes, eventually tokens will be available to trade in exchanges. We are getting in touch with different exchanges. We will tell you more about soon.
I sent ether to IWT token sale contract from the Exchange!
Try to get in touch with the exchange and ask them to transfer your tokens back because they have them. As we warn in all our channels, sending ether from the exchange can cause the loss of your funds since the exchange makes the transfers from another address than the user requested (not your ETH deposit address within the exchange). Although some people get help from exchanges, there is the possibility of not receiving any help and lose your funds. Unfortunately, we cannot issue tokens in this scenario, since tokens are automatically issued by the crowdfunding contract, and we have no control over this process once the contract is deployed. The total number of tokens is proportional to the amount of ether the contract has received.
How to avoid being hacked? - How will you avoid what happened with COINDASH?
From the day the contract has been created, the address of the original contract is found on our site, so it is recommended to save this address for the day of the date.
I set my gas limit to 200,000 and transaction doesn’t send!
If the recommended gas limit 200,000 gas didn’t work just leave whatever gas limit is set automatically by MEW and it should work.
I participated on the tokens sale during ICO-sale and tried to add tokens manually to the wallet, yet my balance is not showing!
All the participants will get their IWT after the token sale has ended. Some people already can see their IWT balances.
Can US citizens, residents or entities participate in the Token sale?
The sale is not open to US citizens, residents or entities because of some of the logistical challenges associated with differing regulations in the many states of the United States of America. IWT does not believe that the distribution of IWTokens or the IWTokens themselves are securities, commodities, swaps on either securities or commodities, or similar financial instruments. The IWTokens are not designed for investment or speculative purposes and should not be considered as a type of investment. Nevertheless, U.S. citizens, residents and entities should not purchase or attempt to purchase IWTokens. Crowdsale participants must digitally sign a statement that they are not a US citizen. Our token IWT will be tradeable after the sale. Interested US participants could buy them on the secondary market.
Can I send my IWT tokens back & get my Ether back?
No, but there will be independent token exchange contracts that you can use for swapping tokens to other tokens.
What can I do with the IWT tokens? What are they good for?
The tokens are used as part of the rewards program that will reward all initial IWT investors. For the full description of how the token works, it’s functions, solidity contract and specs see token section in the WP.
Are the tokens instantly transferable or is there some kind of lockup period to them?
No. Tokens become transferable after the token sale has ended, which is either the 28 days after the start or when the max cap is reached.
Have not you received all your tokens?
In case that an investor has been affected in sending all tokens, these will be deposited with an additional bonus of 10% once the ICO is finished. From the IwToken team, we appreciate your support and understanding.

About The Team

We are a group of enthusiastic people about the cryptocurrencies and we are eager to develop this project to facilitate their use and integrate them at a global scale.

Great things in business are never done by one person.
They're done by a team of people.

"Steve Jobs"

Technical computer specialist, programmer, entrepreneur and investor.

In a conversation between investors and traders, we thought of integrating cryptourrencies at a higher scale and offer specific solutions,specially for LatinAmerica. Then we came up with "The Integrative Wallet" project, and that's when I decided it should be done, we started working and contacting people from the hispanic community and got to work at this project that will bring great solutions to the market fo cryptocurrencies.

Franco Leonel
Founder & Developer

Analyst, programmer and computer engineer.

Chosen as the computer engineer of the year 2016 in Spain.

Remedios Gonzalez
Project Manager
Blockchain as a Business

He specializes in new business development using the latest web and mobile marketing techniques to reach and convert critical mass of users into real paying customers through FIAT or cryptocurrencies such as BTC and ETC.

Maximiliano de Muro
Business Advisor

Student of foreign trade and law.

I am really happy with the work we are doing to make this project go live.

Tatiana de Rossi
Legal Advisor

Specialist in cryptography and systems engineer.

He is currently responsible for sensitive information in Spain and has more than 15 years of experience.

Jose Hidalgo
Senior System Technician

Systems engineer, communications specialist.

Creator of cryptocurrency campaigns and in charge of the public relations area.

Jack Castruit
Campaign Worker

Specialist in computer security and server architecture.

Enthusiast of cryptocurrency and its uses, in charge of the security area of development.

Luis Alberto Quispe
Information Technology Engineer